TOA Track Club is a USA Track and Field (USATF) affiliated youth running club. USATF is a national organization that trains and sponsors the U.S. National and Olympic Track and Field Teams.

In the Polynesian culture the name that you are given holds significant importance to your story. Toa translates into warrior, heart, brave, and bold. We wanted to give it a name that encompasses our vision, goals, and aspirations for our youth. Hence, TOA was created.

Our main goal is to provide an opportunity for young athletes (ages 6-18) to be exposed to an organized running program and given an opportunity to train and compete with other athletes of similar ages and abilities in a supportive, fun environment. Whether your athlete is highly competitive with his or her sights on a national title or just out to stay in shape, we have a place for anyone who truly wants to run.

Our club philosophy, first and foremost, is to place emotional and physical well being of the athletes ahead of all other considerations. We are here to help the individual athlete enjoy our sport rather than simply promote the club. We encourage athletes to set goals for themselves so they can experience success when they achieve those goals. And, we challenge them to be their best selves. We encourage and help young people develop:


  • Learn skills related to the sport of running

  • Improve physical conditioning

  • Develop good training and health habits


  • Build feelings of self-esteem by recognizing individual achievements


  • Have fun

  • Form bonds of friendship

  • Learn good sportsmanship

  • Anti-bullying environment




  • Speed Sled

  • Speed Sac

  • 2 lb - 5 lb Hand Weights

  • Free Weights

  • Starting Blocks

  • Speed Resistant Bungee Cord

  • Hurdles

  • Wicket Hurdles

  • Resistance Bands